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Swivel Mechanisms and Swivel Joints

We manufacture a wide range of swivels and swivel joints.

The best way to learn more about our swivels is to watch the swivel video below. The video covers a variety of swivels Testrite manufactures in the USA including:

  • All Metal Ball and socket swivel. Our ball swivel features an aluminum ball and diecast socket. We can manufacture for nearly a wide range of thread sizes. Swivel can use a knob for tool free tightening, or a hex head screw / carriage bolt for more rigorous applications. The ball swivel can be made to fit a variety of tube sizes include 1" OD tubing, 7/8" OD tubing, and 3/4 EMT tubing
  • Tube end swivels - Designed to work with our 7/8" OD and 5/8" OD aluminum tubing, our tube end swivel is a pair of die castings that rotate against each other with fixed positions. These fixed position swivels can lock in place with a knob or carriage bolt. This swivel also fits 3/4 EMT tubing
  • U swivel brackets - We offer two styles of U swivel brackets, fixed position with 5 "locking" points, or a continuous swivel allowing for stopping anywhere along a ~180 degree plane. Tubes can be locked in place with a steel retention pin / detent pin or bolt and nut. For those worried about losing parts, the steel retaining pin can be secured to the swivel with a steel cable to keep it always close at hand. All metal Swivel Brackets for aluminum or steel tubing allow single axis pivoting of telescopic or non-telescopic tubes. Available with infinite adjust / ability, or fixed angles (strongest). Available for floor or surface mounting or for tubing assembly joint.
  • Frame swivel - 2 Pieces 360 degree rotating swivel fixes in place wiht a knob. Ideal for allowing a frame to rotate between fixed uprights
  • Intrinsic swivels - Parts can be designed to swivel around a single point or a single axis, including frames. For more detailed examples check out the video below.
Whether you need one of the swivels described above and in our video below or something different, reach out today! With 102 years of tooling and know how, we're happy to let you know what we can do



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Swivels For Your Assembly