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We can bend tubing as well as bend sheet steel and aluminum.

Laser Cutting

Our multiple lasers can cut steel up to 1/4" thick in most shapes imaginable. From customer bases to logo'd items, we have the ability to quickly go from design to prototypes to large scale production for a far lower cost than 3D printing

Swaged Tubing

An economical way to form leg ends, so one leg nests into another. A spring button can be an option. Swaging features close tolerances and provides great strength.  We are tooled up for 3/4", 1", and 1-1/4" diameters. For other diameters - there is a one time, non-recurring setup charge. Available with and without optional Spring Button.

Drill or Punch Holes

We can add holes at the locations and in the size you designate. Specify if you need a hole countersunk

Tube Expansion Ring and Stop Line

We expand a line on an inner tube and a stop line on the outer tube. The expansion ring will hit the stop line when a tube is fully extended and prevent the inner tube from coming out

Tube Milling, Punching and Piercing

For small runs, we can mill out slots or other irregular shapes in a tube. For larger runs, our in house toolmakers can manufacture a die which is much more efficient for production


We can add a thread to a tube or other surface, either directly into the surface, or add a threaded connector if needed

Tube Notching

We can notch tubes to ensure a strong fit with a perpendicular crossbar.

Round corners

We can add rounded corners to rectangular pieces of aluminum or steel sheets. This can reduce the risk of injury as well as improve the aesthetics of the product. If you have a specific radius in mind, please let us know

Logo Imprinting

We have the ability to imprint logos onto finished surfaces (including anodized shapes, powder coated surfaces, and acrylic) for branding where appropriate. This is done through direct to substrate printing. Size and shape restrictions do apply.


Testrite has deep experience in riveting, with over 30 riveting machines onsite. We can help identify the right rivet for your application


Testrite is proud to weld our aluminum tubing in house. If welding is right for your project, we’re happy to quote as per your needs.

Miter Cutting

We can cut our materials at 45 degree angles for right corners, or other angles (including compound angles) upon request

Tool and Die Rack

Automatic Screw Machining

Cross Cut Saw

Mig Welding

Laser Cutting

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