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Folding Adjustable Table Bracket
Folding Adjustable Table Bracket

Testrite manufactures Folding Table Legs designed to fold onto the underside of your table surface. We have a variety of ways to enable table legs to fold.

One of the most popular options includes a folding table bracket with 2 positions, parallel to the table and perpedincular. The table leg can secure in place with a single or double spring button, a knob, a screw, etc.

Folding table legs provide portability and easy storage, as well as helping to enable cost effective shipping.

By pairing our folding table legs with our telescopic tubing, our folding adjustable table legs provide tremendous flexibility.

When working with us for your next table project, the key is to explain exactly what you're looking to accomplish so that we can offer products, solutions, and capabilities that are the best fit for your project. The weight involved, stability needed, and sizing will all factor into what we recommend trying from among our product set.

As an American Manufacturer, we're able to manufacture custom table legs starting at quantity 25 that meet your specific needs.

Reach out today and let us know how we can help with your next table project, whether it's for an RV table leg, or a custom application we never dreamed of, we're here ready to assist.


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Folding Adjustable Table Leg

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