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Round Telescoping Tubing Locks
Square Telescoping Tubing Locks
Round Tubing And Oval Tubing
Tube Ends, Joiners, & Attachments
1" Square Tubing System - Build-A-Stand
Tables, Table Legs, & Table Parts
Stands & Stand Parts
Bases, Mounts & Clamps
Complete Telescopic Tubing Assemblies
Sheet Metal
Laser Cutting


Testrite Telescopic Tubing and Locks

Square Telescopic Tubing Overview

Custom Bases

Fabricated Steel "U" Channels

Custom Steel Clamps

Swivels For Your Assembly

Screw Machine Parts

Miniature Telescopic Tubing

Cut to Size Aluminum Tubing

Telescopic Tubes with Compression Springs

Aluminum Ovals

'B' Split Collar Locks for telescoping tubing / telescopic tubes

'B' Locks for telescoping EMT tubing

Swivels for Electrical Metallic Tubing

Round Bases

Formed & Laser Cut Bases

Square & Rectangle Bases

Tripod Bases

Tubular Bases

Telescopic Tubing With Gas Springs

Aluminum Tube Bending

Gold Tubing

Custom Literature Holders

Spring Button Tubes

Wire Assemblies Made to Order

Assemblies with Solid Rivets

Steel Ground Spikes

Corners for Round Tubing

US Steel Sheet Bending and Fabrication

Custom Color Powder Coating

Table Parts & Components

Folding Adjustable Table Leg

Custom Corner Brackets Made to Order

Sanitizable Telescopic Tubes

Telescoping Tubing Locks for PVC Tubing

Custom Telescopic Tubing for IV Bag Holders

Screw Together Tubing

Telescopic Square Aluminum Tubing

L Lever Locks | Telescopic Tubing Clamps

0.058” Wall Drawn Aluminum Round Tubing Telescoping

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