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Tables, Table Legs, & Table Parts


Folding Table Legs

Testrite manufactures Folding Table Legs designed to fold onto the underside of your table surface. We have a variety of ways to enable table legs to fold. Click into the category to see examples of some of our designs

Screw on Table Legs

If your application calls for leg stems pre-attached but you want the low cost shipping of removable legs, our screw on table legs may be right for you. Table leg stems are welded to a central junction plate, and then each leg screws on and off individually, allowing you to remove the table legs for shipping. This offers lots of rigidity in a highly shippable design

Table Leg Angled Brackets

As a manufacturer, we're able to make table leg brackets to accommodate custom table leg angles. Let us know exactly what you have in mind, and we're happy to share what we're able to do given your quantities. There are a variety of table leg joiner constructions we can consider depending upon your project goals.

Swivel Table Legs

Our aluminum table leg assemblies swivel together, folding down for easy transportation. Then when you're ready to use them they fold open, place the table top on top, and you're ready to go. Table tops can sit with gravity, or use aluminum pucks to secure to the swivel legs. Variety of countertop materials available, quantity dependent.

Round Table Legs Telescopic

At Testrite we're best known for our round telescopic tubing. We can design a telescopic tube to suit your table's application if it's within our capabilities, and turn around pricing FAST. Whether you need a 2 section, 3 section, 4 section, or more table leg, Testrite has telescopic tubing that may be the right fit!

Round Table Legs Fixed

Fixed length table legs are ideal when you want a single height for your table. We offer round tubing in sizes from 5/16" diameter up to 1-1/2" diameter, any of which could potentially be used for a fixed table leg, depending on your application. We also offer square tubing from 1/2" square up to 1-1/2" square, as well as some rectangle shapes.

Square Table Legs Telescopic

Testrite offers square telescopic tubing in steel. We stock square steel from 1/2" to 1" Square in 1/8" increments. These tubes pair with our square telescopic tubing locks to reduce play, and spring buttons help to bear the weight for many table top applications. We can design a telescopic tube to suit your table's application if it's within our capabilities, and turn around pricing FAST. Testrite has square telescopic tubing that may be the right fit!

Square Table Legs Fixed

Testrite offers square steel tubing from 1/2" to 1" Square in 1/8" increments. These tubes can pair with our wide variety of table bracket options to meet the design and functionality needs for your project. We can cut the tubes to size, powder coat them, provide top and bottom end treatments to meet your needs, and more!

Swedge and Spring Button Table Legs

Table legs that incorporate swaging and spring button make for cost efficient transportation, the easy installation and removal of table legs, and lots of flexibility in a cost efficient design.

1” Square Tubing System Tables

Testrite's Build-A-Stand system uses our custom molded corners for 1" Square tubing, and pairs these with Testrite's wide range of custom fabrication capability. Whether you need aluminum or steel shelves, graphic frames, casters, or custom brackets, we can help (qty minimums may apply)

Graphic Wrapped Tables

Our graphic first tables can be covered with fabric or rigid graphics. A variety of countertop materials can be used, including aluminum sheet, steel sheet, or in larger quantities, membrane pressed wood or polypropylene.

Precision Table Legs / Mini Table Legs

We have experience manufacturing to exacting standards when the application calls for it, including precision height adjustments for metal table legs / aluminum platform legs used in operating rooms and other critical applications. Let us know what's most critical in your application and we'll work with you on a solution, volume dependent.

Fold in half table leg

Testrite has decades of experience manufacturing stands with jointed legs, allowing legs to literally fold in half for shipping and storage. We manufacture these mechanisms in house

Rolling Tables / Carts / Kiosks

Many of our table designs can be made into rolling tables with the addition of locking ball bearing casters. There are additional designs we can also offer when a cart or kiosk is what's needed. If you have a design concept reach out!

Table leg end treatment / table feet

One of the key considerations for any table leg is what you need for the end that touches the floor. Whether you need an angle-able glide, a fixed glide, a nylon glide, a round end cap, a rubber non-skid tip, an aluminum puck, or a steel ground stake, Testrite is ready to assist!