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1" Square Tubing System - Build-A-Stand
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1" Square Tubing System - Build-A-Stand


Custom Powder Coated

Powder coating can be done in any color (in quantity).  Supply a specific pantone color code and we can get a close powder match. Powder coating is an excellent choice – covers well, is durable, and is not affected by sunlight.  The application process is environmentally friendly and service is speedy.

1” Square Aluminum Tubing

Our 1 inch square Aluminum tubes are .038” wall, with beautifully radiused corners. Appropriate for many applications, these tubes are lightweight, and available in Silver, Black or the custom color of your choice (Qty dependent), and available cut to size or in 144” (12’ lengths).

1” Square Steel Tubing

Our 1 inch square Steel tubes are incredibly strong, providing enhanced rigidity. Priced on application.

1” Square Tubing L Corner

Our 1 inch square tubing L corners are custom designed to work with aluminum and steel tubing. These plastic 1" 90 degree corners are designed for tool free install. Our 1" Square Frame Plastic corners are press fit & removable (with rubber mallet). These right angle plastic framing connectors for aluminum extrusions are available stock in light gray (silver) and black, and in custom colors (volume dependent). Extremely versatile and economical.

1” Square Tubing 3 Way Corner

Design whole structures with our 3 way 1 inch corner system. Tool free install allows for quick and easy assembly. High strength plastic corners are removable for portability, ideal for pop up applications as well as permanent displays. Designed to work with our 1" aluminum square tubing. Available in light gray (silver) and black.

1” Square T Connector

Extend the scale of your design with our 1 inch plastic T connectors. These T connectors are ideally suited for crossbars to enhance stability while scaling. These 1" Square tubing fitting connectors join 3 separate sections together.

1” Square Tube Joiners

Depending on your application, we have a 1 inch square tube joiner to suit your needs. Steel joiners provide the greatest strength, will require a hole in each tube. Our plastic tube joiner, adapted from our T connector (1 side will be open) is ideal for less demanding applications.

Custom Steel Brackets

While our corners can be assembled tool free, many applications require the enhanced strength that only comes from steel brackets. Made in house in sizes and configurations to suit your needs. Our steel reinforcement brackets are available for your next project.

Threaded Holes

Whether to attach your own accessories or reinforcing brackets, threaded holes can be added where needed to provide tremendous flexibility or to enhance strength. Standard threads are 10-24 or 8-32, though other threads can be accommodated.


Testrite is proud to weld both aluminum and steel in house. We have in house Mig welding for aluminum and steel, as well as spot welding of steel and butt welding for steel. If welding is right for your project, we’re happy to quote as per your needs.

Threaded Connectors

We can manufacture your custom telescopic aluminum tubing with male or female Threaded Connectors. Use one of each to join two tubes together.  Very cost effective. Available for all diameters. Available in 1/4 - 20 or 10-32 in many sizes. Other threads available for particular diameters.

Solid Aluminum Bushing

We manufacture our own turned aluminum bushings in house. Each is made from a single piece of aluminum. They are press fit in. In most sizes of tubing (all but our smallest diameters), we drill holes in the tube and bushing after installation and secure the bushing in place with steel pins. Solid bushings offer the strongest possible connection outside of welding.

Rolling Casters

Rolling casters in both plastic and ball bearing varieties are available. These wheels can be installed into the ends of a tripod, bi-pod or uni-pod telescopic tube for mobility.

Sign Holders and Graphic Holders

We have a wide variety of sign holder accessories for custom telescopic tube assemblies. If you need to add a graphic to your tubing assembly, we have more options than anyone else on earth. Let us know the type of graphic you want to use and we'll provide you with options.

Leveling Glides

Leg leveling Glides and base leveling feet allow you to level your telescopic tube assembly or base on uneven surfaces. Used with our threaded connectors or our solid aluminum bushings.