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Testrite Telescopic Tubing and Locking Collar Styles

Instructional video featuring Testrite company president Larry Rubin, demonstrating telescopic tubing and the wide array of telescopic locking collar styles available from Testrite.  Telescopic tubes and locks are shown in detail and each locking method's features and benefits are described. Watch the complete eight minute video or click the time links below to go directly to any of the lock types.

Click the time link below to jump to the specific lock description:

Lock Type Link
A - Clutch Lock 1:03
B - Split Collar Lock 2:21
C - Cam Lock 2:57
D - Shock Cord 3:40
E - Non-Locking 4:17
F - Spring Button 4:48
FA - Spring Button and "A" Clutch Lock 5:23
G - Snap Lock 5:49
H - Set Knob 6:15
Mini Economy Locks 6:43
Swaging 7:17