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Square Tubing

We stock steel tubing in 1/8" increments from 1/2" to 1". Most assemblies are powder coated after machining. We also stock 1 inch square Aluminum .038" wall tubing, with radiused corners. These aluminum tubes are lightweight, are stocked in silver and mill finish, and are available in black or the custom color of your choice (Qty dependent), and available cut to size or in 144” (12’ lengths).

We currently stock:
1" Square steel tubing (1 in)
7/8" Square steel tubing (7/8 in)
3/4" Square steel tubing (3/4 in)
5/8" Square steel tubing (5/8 in)
1/2" Square steel tubing (1/2 in or 0.5 in)


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Square Telescopic Tubing Overview