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Telescoping Aluminum Tube Ends & Attachments


Rubber End Caps and Crutch Tips

Low cost, skid resistant, rubber end caps and crutch tips are available for our most popular telescopic tube diameters.

Foam Handles and Grips

Handles and grips for our telescopic tubing are available for most diameters.

Plastic End Cap Closures

To finish off the top or bottom of your telescopic tube assembly, a plastic end cap is an economical option. Options include flat or rounded.

Spring Button Telescopic Tube Ends

Use Spring Button Ends to join telescopic tubes together and to attach accessories. Spring button ends are a cost efficient treatment for aluminum tube assemblies, enabling tool free attachment to other tubes or accessories. Available for all diameters.

Threaded Connectors

We can manufacture your custom telescopic aluminum tubing with male or female Threaded Connectors. Use one of each to join two tubes together.  Very cost effective. Available for all diameters.

Solid Aluminum Threaded Bushings

For rigorous applications.  Machined so tubes meet perfectly "flush" when screwed together. Made on our own automatic screw machines, all diameters are available.

Screw Machine Fittings

We are a manufacturer of automatic screw machine fittings to pair with custom aluminum tubes, or our frames.

Plastic Phenolic Knobs

We stock a variety of knobs to pair with your custom telescopic tube project. Male and female knobs are available in black and silver (in select styles).

Leveling Glides

Leveling Glides allow you to level your telescopic tube assembly on uneven surfaces. Used with our threaded connectors or our solid aluminum bushings.

Rolling Casters

Rolling casters in both plastic and ball bearing varieties are available. These can be installed into the ends of a tripod, bi-pod or uni-pod telescopic tube for mobility.

Metal Leg Spikes

We can rivet Metal Leg Spikes to your telescopic tube assembly. Both fixed and fold-out leg spikes/ground spikes are available.

Swivels & Arc Brackets

All metal Swivel Brackets for aluminum or steel tubing allow single axis pivoting of telescopic or non-telescopic tubes. Available with infinite adjust-ability, or fixed angles (strongest). Available for floor or surface mounting or tubing assembly joint.

Swivel Joints

All metal Ball and Swivel Joints allow for up to 360 degree rotation of two telescopic tubing assemblies. Made from metal castings, these pieces are durable and have some heft.

Snap-On Plastic Flats

Available 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" diameters.  Great for taping, riveting or velcro-ing telescopic tubing attachments.

Sign Holders and Graphic Holders

We have a wide variety of sign holder accessories for custom telescopic tube assemblies. Many sizes and styles are available.

Graphic Sign Channels

Steel U Channel for holding graphics can be welded directly to steel, or a male thread can be attached for connecting to a female thread.


Swaged aluminum tubing provides an economical way to form leg ends, so one leg nests into another. A swage and spring button can be an option. Swaging features close tolerances and provides great strength. We are tooled up for 3/4", 1", and 1-1/4" diameters. For other diameters - there is a one time, non-recurring setup charge. Available with and without optional Spring Button.
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